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J1 Waiver Immigration Lawyer Considers Quality of Foreign Trained Doctors

J1 Waiver Immigration Lawyer Notes Los Angeles Times Article

As an immigration lawyer working to bring qualified foreign trained doctors to the
United States to practice, I’m well aware that some people are concerned about the
type of care they may receive from an immigrant physician. An article in the Los
Angeles Times reports that there is no reason for concern.

Study Published in Health Affairs

The study, which was carried out by the Foundation for Advancement of
International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, and published in the professional journal Health Affairs, notes, “Our
analysis of 244,153 hospitalizations in Pennsylvania found that patients of doctors
who graduated from international medical schools and were not U.S. citizens at
the time they entered medical school had significantly lower mortality rates than
patients cared for by doctors who graduated from U.S. medical schools or who were
U.S. citizens and received their degrees abroad.”

About one-quarter of doctors who are presently practicing in the U.S. graduated
from medical schools located in another country. In my practice as an immigration
lawyer, I work closely with these doctors in helping them secure their J1 waiver,
H1B visa and Green Card. I’ve had various doctors who have used my services and
many more who want to practice in various states across the nation.

A Few Considerations

Of course this report is good news for patients and doctors alike. Except there is one
area that is not positive—U.S. doctors who trained abroad and then came to practice
in this country did poorly in the study. But the news is overall very good. Especially
because it’s felt that so many more foreign doctors will be needed in the U.S. over
the next 15 years as American medical schools will not be able to keep up with the
country’s needs.

Questions About Immigration

If you’re a physician seeking a J1 waiver, H1B visa or Green Card it’s often helpful
to consult with and work through an immigration lawyer. Through my immigration
law firm, I’m pleased to say that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of
quality foreign trained doctors and healthcare professionals.

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