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Doctor Immigration and Latest AMA Meeting

Doctor Immigration and Latest AMA Meeting

Immigration Lawyer Considers Opportunities for Medical Doctors

Projected physician shortages in the U.S. may provide more opportunities for physicians wanting to immigrate. As an immigration lawyer , I work with people around America in the area of the immigration of doctors. At a recent meeting of the AMA, there was great concern over the projected lack of physicians facing the U.S.

Healthcare Reform

A major reason cited for the shortage was the reform of the healthcare system through which millions of new people will acquire health insurance. This is seen as making what is already a growing problem even worse.

Some Statistics

Presently at least 22 states and 15 medical specialties have reported shortages in the U.S. By 2025 there will be a need for 159,000 doctors in the country. But with population growth and an increasingly aging population of Baby Boomers living longer, it will be extremely hard to meet that figure. One of the biggest shortages is in the primary care area and geographically rural communities and states tend to be underserved in all areas.

Immigration and Doctors

As an immigration lawyer who works with doctors looking to immigrate to any part of the U.S., I’m always monitoring the situation facing the medical community and how it may impact those who need to pursue their goals after completing residency in the US. With shortages projected, there will be more opportunities for doctors and other healthcare professionals in foreign countries. Continue to check this blog regarding this developing situation.

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